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Why Support Open-Source?

openswag Admin

What are the top 10 reasons to support open-source?

1. Better Quality Code. 80% of open software users chose to do so based on quality.

2. Rapid Innovation. 50% of business managers get involved in open-source because it allows them to innovate.

3. Security. 72% of users choose open-source because of security.

4. Community. 83% of developers say they benefit personally from collaborative development through exposure to new tools and development practices.

5. Freedom. 95% of users say that open-source solutions represent greater choice, flexibility and interoperability with lower cost.

6. Adaptability. Open-Source is not tied to any individual vendor.

7. Choice. There are over 1 million open source projects with 10 million people contributing over 100 billion lines of code.

8. Interoperability. Choose the right solution instead of getting locked-in to a single solution. 

9. De-Facto Standards. Open source dovetails with standards efforts. Over 100 new companies join the Linux effort, each year.

10. Maximize Return on Spend. 68% of users find that open source helps improve efficiency and lower costs.

Why do you support open-source?